Stage and Training


  • 2019

    Acting workshop
    by Francisco Javier Medina, Berlin

  • 2018

    Acting workshop
    by Liana Nyquist, London

  • 2017

    Meisner technique workshop.
    by Mike Bernardin, London

  • 2016

    Acting workshop The Lucid Body
    by Monika Gossmann, Berlin

  • 2015

    Meisner technique workshop
    by Svetlana Efremova, Los-Angeles

  • 2004

    Academy of the performing arts


“The revenants”

Immersive show “The revenants”

Specially for the show, American directors Viktor Carinha and Mia Zanette brought to Russia their unique technologies for working with actors and space. As a result of six months secretly taken rehearsals actors learned unique methods of interacting with audience, and the house was filled with dozens of secret passages and doors.

«Dad leaves, mom lies, grandmother dies»

«Dad leaves, mom lies, grandmother dies»

«Dad leaves, mom lies,
grandmother dies»

Written by Fabian Iver Directed by Yury Muravitsky

The production of Yuri Muravitsky is based on the text of the French writer Fabien Iver and experiments with the separation of text and action, the visual and auditory channels of perception, an objective view of a typical family (pantomime) and a subjective view (a stream of daughter’s mind).

Yuri Muravitsky: “If at the beginning of each of the three parts put the word “why ”, it becomes clear that this is the spring of this text and this performance. This is not just the destruction of the myth of the ideal family. This is an attempt to figure out - why, in fact, are families so far from ideal and so pathological? What's wrong? But, the main question that we set for ourselves, sounds even more globally - what is it all about - family?”

«This child»

«This child»

Written and directed by Joel Pommerat
Together with the French Cultural Center in Moscow supported by CULTURES FRANCE

Joel Pommerat, a popular French writer and theater director, created the play, combining documentary accuracy, a clear rhythm and poetics. "This child" is a multitude of small stories seen and heard in French cities. These are the stories of today's mothers and children, telling about the cruelty that prevails outside the door of the apartment, the fear of losing, the horror of death and parental duty.


(on the stage of the Meyerhold Center)

The project is realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Culturesfrance as part of the cultural program of the Year of France in Russia.

Coproduction: "Company Louis Brouillard", theater "Practika", French Cultural Center in Moscow, Center Meyerhold, International Festival of Children's Theater "Big Change", the French Institute in St. Petersburg.

A fairy-tale about a wooden little man familiar to everyone from childhood is told by one of the most titled directors of Europe, the winner of the Moliere Prize, the permanent headliner of the Avignon Festival, Joel Pommerat. An amazingly beautiful performance is a game of magical theater, which invites children to adult conversation about freedom, the ability to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.