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Praise Yourself More!

Svetlana, the main topic of this issue is building self-confidence. It is quite obvious from the way you appear on screen that you have no problems in that field.

What a wonderful topic! Of course, just like most other people, I have not always been confident. It used to be customary to sacrifice individuality in favor of the community. A person, his thoughts and worries were insignificant. But each and every one of us is of great importance, a starting point, so to say.

So how do you raise your self esteem? There is a wide range of ways to achieve that goal. The famous self-training method, for example. A good illustration of this would be the wonderful movie “The Most Charming and Attractive”. Professing love to yourself is so interesting! You go up to the mirror and say “Sveta, my dear, I love you so much! You are fantastic!” I can confirm that this is very helpful. My self-esteem also receives a boost when I think I can’t do something but do it anyway and succeed. Running through an “obstacle course” from time to time can to a lot of good. And you always have the opportunity to change something. For example, looking in the mirror, you decide you’re not slim enough. Loosing 10 kilograms in order to like yourself more is possible, isn’t it? It is very important, however, not to take things to extremes and to praise yourself a lot. Even for no apparent reason. And if there is a good reason, then 10 times more! Lack of praise also comes from our childhood. Back then people thought that praising a child would spoil them. So now we reap what they had sown — a huge amount of unloved people walk the Earth.

Are you able to listen to yourself?

I place a lot of importance in this, but it has not always been so. Often people, especially at a young age, believe it more important to listen to others. I was in such a situation and I’m glad I was able to get out. This doesn’t mean I ignore what other people tell me. I just listen to myself first.

In this issue we write about how difficult it is to stay confident while searching for a job. You are quite familiar with this, aren’t you? Every audition is like a job interview. And after that comes fear: will they hire me or not?

Recently I auditioned for a wonderful project, but another actress was chosen for the role. This did not influence my self-esteem in any way, because in the larger scale of things nothing changed. I remain a professional in my field, and if I was not chosen for the project, then it was not my job to begin with. I really love a quote by Winston Churchill: “success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”. Trust me, the world isn’t going to end if you don’t get the job. And life may seem pretty chaotic and unpredictable now, but in fact there is perfect order. You will end up finding what is best for you. You just have to wait. And the process of waiting is not necessarily a waste of time, but is given to us for something interesting.

And what should you do when you have a lot of work and feel as if you have no energy to do anything? You must have experienced something like this while shooting “The Interns”, where shifts would last 12-13 hours.

Well, we were put into such conditions — the show was very popular and the viewers wanted more and more. Another thing entirely is when a person willingly becomes a workaholic. If you have to work a lot, you need to learn to prioritize. For some reason I feel that people become workaholics not because they love to work, but because that way they can escape from solving other very important problems in their lives. I know such people. Finding a balance, the middle ground between work and other aspects of life- that`s the right way to go about it.

Sveta, before entering an acting faculty, you graduated from an economics university and worked for several years in a bank. Your parents were not happy with your decision to drop a stable job. Did that make you doubt your decision?

If you believe in yourself, why do you need someone else’s approval? I really wanted to try. I knew I had to do it then, because otherwise it would never have happened. I would be left dreaming about it for half an hour before bed. And so I applied to a theatrical university at 21 years old. And informed my parents about it only after I had already gotten accepted. Of course they were displeased at first. They would go on about how acting was a very unstable job and that we had never had any actors in the family... But life proved that I had made the right decision. I don’t really reminisce about my years studying economics. What did they give me? Theabilitytokeeptrackofmyfinances.

Coming back to “The Interns” — in the show you play a very strict female boss. But I suspect that in reality you are not like that at all.

You have no idea how hard it is to fight stereotypes and to try to convince everyone that you can be different. Actors often encounter this: they become associated with a role and no matter what they do, people only see them in it. But I do not lose hope that I will be able to create something else! Iambothgentleandkind. Icultivatethesetraitswithinmyself.

«Psychology and Me» magazine 2017

In Some Ways, Being an Actor is Like Being
a Psychiatrist. Svetlana Kamynina

Svetlana Kamynina is a theater and film actress, a performer of a wide variety of roles and a very feminine lady, who is easy to talk to about anything and who has something to say to her viewers and to the readers of “Your Wedding”.

Svetlana, it seems there are quite a few interviews with you but the information in them is often repeated and it seems we don’t know as much about you as we’d like. And getting to know you better would certainly be wonderful, you evoke a genuine interest and a desire to figure you out, to solve your mystery. If you don’t mind, let’s begin introducing you to our readers!

TV shows or movies — what’s more interesting to work in? Is there a big difference for you?

— I think that for me as an actress there is no real difference in the acting, but in films the events the character goes through become brighter, more powerful and more intense due to the time limit. To put it differently, a tv-show can have 2-3 filler scenes where nothing really happens, which is not possible in movies.

Theater or cinema — what appeals to you more?

— These are two completely different things. Almost any theater actor can play in films but only few film actors can play on stage. The theater is a direct interaction with a strong stream of energy from the viewers here and now. It always requires more skills and effort.

Every person has a mission in this world, but for artists it’s always brighter, clearer, more serious and responsible because it’s transmitted to a wide audience, influences opinions, tastes and even people’s personalities. How do you see your mission?

— To help people go through this or that situation by playing it through on screen and on stage, in some ways it’s like being a psychiatrist — when the viewer identifies with the character, they connect and experience things together. The viewer begins to understand that they are not alone in that situation, which is very important in my opinion. That’s why I’m very careful when it comes to choosing which roles to play — I don’t want to act only for money. The role must resonate with my state of mind.

With which of the roles you’ve played do you associate yourself the most? Which character is closest to you?

— Probably Anastasia Kisegatch (“The Interns” tv-show. — Editor’s note) I have given her much.

Tell us a little bit more about the acting business: is it possible to find loyal friends, avoid betrayal and unfair competition for the main role? Or is the field of acting no different from other lines of work?

— I think that in that sense acting is no different from any other profession, it’s just that I don’t know anything about unfair competition among doctors or architects, for example. But real friends can be found anywhere — of this I am certain!

Do you get offers to star in advertisements? In what commercial would you never agree to participate in?

— I do get offers and I have taken part in commercials. I’d never participate in the shooting of alcohol or cigarette ads.

You’re a media persona. Usually the media factor quickly introduces one to the profession of hosting events, including weddings. Have you had such an experience?

— I have hosted several events, but never weddings. I just haven’t been offered to host them. Perhaps this experience is yet to come.

Now a question for a true workaholic: what advice can you give to other workaholics like you? How should one relax and recover in a short period of time if that is even possible?

— It’s possible, you just have to force yourself to rest!

Do you have an encouraging phrase in your arsenal that improves your mood once you say it to yourself?

— Sveta, don’t you lose heart!

You’re a beautiful and incredibly feminine lady. Your beauty and femininity can be seen in your acting, which is precise, thoughtful, and unique. In your opinion, what makes a woman feel beautiful, and what should one work on every day to be like that?

— Practice loving yourself and come to realize your own worth and uniqueness!

«Your Wedding» magazine #1 (37) 2018
Interview taken by Irina Zhukova.

Interview by Tanya Rodos