I met the first professional clown in Russia and the director of the NGO “Hospital Clowns” Kostya Sedov a long time ago.

“Hospital clowning” is a social project aimed at donating for helping children with serious diseases in medical institutions. The project participants are engaged in events in order to help children to adapt to the conditions of hospital and in their subsequent rehabilitation. Clowns visit children in hospitals, spend leisure time with them, distract from upcoming operations or other painful procedures.

In 2015, I passed a rigorous selection and a serious 5 week preparation for a work as a hospital clown. I came to clowning in one of the most depressing and difficult moments of my life. I confess, it was not easy for me. But a miracle happened: clowning not only helped me to get through the difficult life period, but also brought amazing feelings and emotions into my life.

This is a non-commercial project. Surely, any possible support and assistance is welcome.