• 2019

    «Fitness», TV show, supporting role, directed by Kirill Vasiliev

  • 2018

    «In bed», web-serial directed by Shota Gamisonia
    «The stars just shine», feature film directed by Anna Parmas
    «Flight», TV show, directed by Petr Todorovsky
    «Black Coat», short, directed by Olga Proskurnina

  • 2016

    «Peterburg. Tolko po lyubvi», feature film,director Anna Parmas
    FilmShow for NTV channel, music and entertainment show

  • 2015

    «Strana Oz», feature film, directed by V. Sigarev

  • 2013

    «Ann’s happiness», TV movie

  • 2012

    «“Revelations”», TV show

  • 2010

    «Interns», sitcom 280 episodies, lead female role for TNT channel
    «Moscow, central district 3», TV movie
    «A day longer than a century», documentary film,
    role Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in the space.

    «Deli 1», TV serial

  • 2009

    «Churchill», TV serial
    «Volkov’s hour», TV serial

  • 2007

    «Simple things», feature film

  • 2006

    «Cadet», TV show

  • 2006

    «Love is like love», TV show

  • 2005

    «Bumer. Film vtoroy», feature film

  • 2005

    «Airport», TV show

  • 2004

    «Balzac age», TV show